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Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of using Plenty
household towel rather than a sponge?

Germs thrive in warm, wet environments, so sponges, dishcloths and cleaning rags can be breeding grounds for germs. In just one day's use, more than a billion germs can grow in a damp sponge. Plenty thoroughly cleans up the spills and is then thrown away, removing the potential breeding ground for germs and preventing them from spreading further around the home.

What types of towel design
are available from Plenty?

Plenty household towels are available in white and decorated sheets so you can pick a design to match your mood or décor.

Is Plenty

Plenty is made of more than 97% cellulose, which is biodegradable. In the presence of oxygen and moisture, the cellulose fibres can be broken down by micro-organisms. Therefore, Plenty is completely biodegraded in a compost stream.

Why can’t I find my favourite Plenty
household towel?

As different people prefer different things, we offer a wide range of Plenty household towels. Stores choose which types they want to carry, so if your preferred Plenty variant isn’t available, try mentioning this to the store manager. It's also possible that the one you like is temporarily sold out or only available during a particular season.

Who is Plenty’s TV

The mysterious Juan Sheet, a man who’s always on hand to tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks. Thanks to Plenty’s strength, one sheet is all our hero needs because he can rinse it, wring it out and reuse it until the job is done. So with one sheet, Juan Sheet does Plenty!

Do Plenty paper towels contain any
egg or nut derivatives?


How can I contact Plenty with questions and comments?

If you have any questions about your Plenty product or would like to make a comment, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 328 8305 (UK) or 1800 535 681 (ROI). You can also send us a message.

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